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Trucks, trailers, motorhomes and horse floats require specialised heavy vehicle wheel alignment using laser technology. Be sure that you are safe on the road by using the qualified automotive technicians at Transport Maintenance. Three angles of wheel alignment are checked, the camber, caster and toe as well as the KPI Kingpin inclination. Each has a different angle calculated by the vehicle maker to improve the performance of the vehicle's steering and suspension systems with the goal of making the vehicle handle smoothly, responsively, safely and predictably.


The benefits of a wheel alignment are:

- Reduced tyre wear

- Improved fuel economy

- Better vehicle handling

- Smoother and more comfortable ride

- Increased mileage from your tyres.


Signs your vehicle may require a wheel alignment are:

- Feathered edges of tyres

- Uneven tyre wear

- Steering wheel misaligned

- Worn shoulders of tyres

- Vehicle not tracking straight.


If you detect any of these signs bring your heavy vehicle to Transport Maintenance for a wheel alignment.

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